How To Resources

Many resources can also be found on the school’s website under Tech: Tech Resources.

This page provides you with resources that may help as you are learning new applications. You’ll find videos and How-To Guides. Additional materials may be found at

Northampton Grading/Evaluation Programs: (northampton login required):

Aspen: Setting it up, posting grades, making assignments public, students view etc. HERE

Oaysis: How to add artifacts, what to consider artifacts etc. HERE

Aims Web: How to get your codes HERE

MCAS Facilitation: How to start and resume a session HERE or HERE (more pictures).  Day two on Chromebooks HERE  Moving someone to a different start session AKA Absent students: HERE End of session just slide the lock.

Math Investigations: How to login, assign tasks etc. HERE

Go Guardian HERE

General Resources (no northampton login required):

Google Forms: Google Forms Quiz HERE;  Flubaroo (an option for grading forms) HERE

Google Spreadsheets: Graphing for students HERE; Video Tutorial HERE. Everything related to Graphing/Filters HERE

Google Calendars: Basics (with some details for JFK specifically) HERE

Google Documents: Basics HERE Adjusting permissions/sharing etc. HERE

Google Classroom: Basics HERE

Assistive Tech: Extensions, details for organizing HERE;

Google Read & Write How to: HERE Video on the way to use the web tools: HERE Video on how to use the Doc features HERE Teachers sign up for free HERE

Blogger: Intro HERE. Also there are lots of resources for Blogger on my blog. These include videos (on the sidebar), How To’s ect. Please check it out.

Other Apps/Extensions Check out this folder with additional How To’s including videos on PowToons, and guides for Quizlet and Prezi. Some How To’s may need slight updates if the application has changed since the creation of the guide.

Mac Users:

Moving a .pdf from an email into drive or your desktop. This will be relevant for PC users too but the download to your desktop will look slightly different. View the video HERE