2019 MassCUE The Pres & Posts of 1:1 Rollout Oct 23 Gillette Stadium

2018 Tech Conference at Ryan Road Elementary Aug 21-22nd.

2018 New Teacher Orientation Aug 24th

2018 MassCUE Oct 21

October 25-26th MassCUE: Google Read & Write. Location: Foxbourgh, MA; Gillette Stadium

Jan 19th TiE Technology Conference: Teaching Google Quiz. Location: Holyoke Community College

August 2016 JFK Summer Technology Conference: Google Docs/Drivae Tips & Tricks Advanced; Google My Maps; Blogger; Aspen/Oaysis; Powtoons; Email. Location: JFK Middle School.

July 2015 JFK Summer Technology Conference. Location: JFK Middle School.

Aug 2015 Introduction to Macbook Pro, iMovie; Location: Bridge Street School.

August 2014 JFK Summer Technology Conference: Basics; Khan Academy; Forms/Spreadsheets; Assistive Tech; Blogger. Location: JFK Middle School.

Jan 2014 TiE Technology Conference: Khan Academy. Location: Holyoke Community College.

April 2009 Invited Speaker: Gender in the Fairytale. Location: Keene State College.